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Infinite Dimensions

January 28, 2025

Infinite Dimensions Games big model sett is called Wightwood Abbey. Some of the truely most awsome models i have ever seen. High end quality ! Some of these models are quite large and all the houses can be taken apart each level to play inside! every floor! Prefect for a D&D campain but they also work very well to other games. Or just looking great on the shelve!
Looks awsome with lights inside!
I am licensed to print ,paint and sell these models. 
These orders takes some time to preapere so have patience.
This will be close followed up.


Infinite Dimensions Games


Models from Infinite Dimensions Games

The Wightwood Abbey Church


This large medieval church features two entrances with working doors, a balcony over the nave with removable organ, and walls that can be lifted off at a low height to provide clear line-of-sight during skirmishes.

The Wightwood Abbey Gatehouse


Two story medieval gatehouse with external stairwell and large, functional gateway and side entrance door. Roof detaches for internal play.

The Wigthwood Abbey Abbot`s House


Highly detailed medieval house (inside and out!) with two playable levels, as well as front and rear entrances with working doors.

The Wightwood Abbey Scriptorium


Massive medieval two story building designed for simultaneous play across different levels. Features multiple entrances with functional doors, as well as two stairwells and both internal and external balconies.


The Wightwood Abbey Stables


A single story, floorless medieval stables with main area consisting of stone walls and wood-slated stalls attached at either end. The stables have been designed without a floor so as to better blend in with whatever ground cover you are using.

The Wightwood Abbey Smitty


This versatile smithing yard is designed to be used with the Wightwood Abbey core set (fitting perfectly in the corner between the gatehouse and abbot’s house), but can be used in any situation where a medieval forge is called for. The yard works well placed against any existing wall on your gaming table, making it a simple piece to add to any scene. The large open forge is removable and can be placed on its own in your scenario if needed. This set comes with 4 essential smithing items, each printed on their own: an anvil, a bellows, a grindstone and a quenching tank.

The Wightwood Abbey Cloister Gardens


Large, well-maintained gardens intersected by paved walkways with central seating area, removable fountain and interchangeable garden ornaments (sundial, birdbath, statue and swinging bell). Excellent as a central feature in a skirmish battle or RPG scenario where traversable terrain with lots of cover is desired.

The Wightwood Abbey Water Pump


The Wightwood Abbey Water Pump rotates freely on its central axis and the armature rises and falls, adjusting to the height needed to fit your chosen beast of burden.


Improviced Defence Gantries


The Wightwood Abbey Defense Gantries can be printed as many times as necessary to add a stalwart, if somewhat ramshackle, defence to the abbey walls (or our Medieval Modular Walls). The gantries provide cover from enemy ranged attacks and pose a significant threat to an attacking force. Accessible by ladder (included as a separate print), the gantries are designed to comfortably support models with 1″ bases and several gantries can be placed side by side to create a continuous walkway, even around corners. Don’t let your settlements fall without a fight! Provide your local militia with the necessary defence gantries quick!

Medieval Ruin Walls


This set of medieval modular walls adds ruined wall sections to the collection of medieval modular wall sets. Five different ruined wall sections can be attached to your existing Battle Grip medieval modular walls or placed on your game table as pieces of scatter terrain. This set is fully compatible with the other Medieval Modular Wall sets as well as backwards compatible with the Wightwood Abbey Walls that come with the Wightwood Abbey Core Set.

Curves and Angles Walls


This set of medieval modular walls brings long and short curved sections to your wall sets as well as a new post and wall combo for adding wall sections at 45 degrees. The inclusion of a rotating post to this set gives you the ability to create walls and enclosures in an incredible variety of arrangements. This set is fully compatible with the other Medieval Modular Wall sets as well as with the walls in the Wightwood Abbey Core Set.

Doors And Arches Walls


This set of medieval modular walls adds a variety of doorways (with functional doors) and archways to the Medieval Modular Walls core set. Made available in this set are: a single archway, a single barred archway, a triple archway, a triple barred archway, a wide gated archway and a sheltered entranceway. This set is fully compatible with the other Medieval Modular Wall sets as well as backwards compatible with the walls that come with the Wightwood Abbey Core Set.


Medevil chicken coop


The Wightwood Abbey Chicken Coop is a great piece of scatter terrain to add a lot of cover on your game board without too big of a footprint. The raised walkway around the coop is wide enough to support models with 1″ bases.


Thached storehouse


The Wightwood Abbey Thatched Storehouse features three levels of play; an open ground floor plus two additional floors with 2 separate entrances. This model works well in a large number of scenarios and can be used for multiple purposed (storehouse, garage, coach house, work house, etc.).


The Wightwood Abbey Porc sty is not just a great place for pigs to hang out. It’s also the perfect place for a sneaky orelog or bandit to hide and ambush unsuspecting monks! Place your innocent pigs in the yard and evil ambusher in the hut and watch the chaos unfold! The working gate and removable roof on this cool little model add great functionality to this fun model. Great for farmsteads, villages and, of course, monasteries.


​The Wightwood Abbey Prison Hut / Quarantine is a multi-use model with a sinister edge. Wether used as a dilapidated prison hut or a regrettable but necessary quarantine, this terrain piece works well in many scenarios as both an important location as well as simple cover or a hideout. Double doors reinforce the defence capabilities of this small building and occupants can subsist using the small stove and meagre facilities.


Medival modular walls bundle


This bundle includes all of the Battle Grip Medieval Modular Walls sets in one package. Included in this purchase is the Medieval Modular Walls Core SetDoors and Arches SetCurves and Angles Set, and the Ruins Set. These four sets combined allow for the creation of walls and walled enclosures of almost unlimited size and shape. This set is fully backwards compatible with the walls that come with the Wightwood Abbey Core Set.

Ruined Rookery tower


This Ruined Tower (aka The Rookery) rises to a looming 11″ on your gaming table and has three distinct levels on which the action can take place. Each level allows for access to the next, and each level separates to provide easy access to your figurines. Piles of rubble are carefully modelled to allow for models with 1″ bases to stand on top of them without slipping, and the whole ruinous structure, carefully designed, provides multiple areas to place ‘snipers’ or defenders. This model also includes a ladder that prints separately and provides an alternate way for the action to move from level to level.

The Ancient shrine


The Wightwood Abbey Ancient Shrine is an intricate and highly imposing model. The roots of the massive wightwood tree twist and curl around a crumbling shrine to an unknown god, and the branches of this colossal tree rise up to tower 18″ over your gaming table!  There are numerous small details which really bring this piece to life, including a nearly hidden entrance to an underground cave beneath the tree (totally accessible for play by lifting the shrine away from the base). There are many locations designed for a miniature to stand on, and encounters can range all over this striking tabletop landmark.

Medival Apiry \ Bee hives


The Wightwood Abbey Apiary is not only a very unique model, but is also a great piece of scatter terrain. Plenty of cover is to be found around the fallen tree and surrounding boulders, and the bees themselves can add a surprising element to your game.


Witghtwood Abbey furniture

$30 per set

The Wightwood Abbey Furniture Pack includes all the furniture available from the individual Wightwood Abbey Furniture Sets, specifically:

  • The Medieval Dwelling Furnishings Set

  • The Church Furnishings Set

  • The Scriptorium Furnishings Set

  • The Dormitory Furnishings Set

  • Note that there are only 5 bockcases in the sriptorium pack.

The Lady Shannon


This weather worn statue of the Lady Shannon is designed to feature in a medieval setting. Printed at full size the model stands about 2 and 1/2″ (65mm) high and is quite imposing at 28mm scale.

Thatched Longhouse


The Wightwood Abbey Thatched Longhouse is a truly epic building with enough room inside to stage a full-on dynamic, multi-level battle. Includes a number of entrances and exits, two open stories plus an additional interior room making this building perfect for defence as well as ‘laying siege’ scenarios. Fill out the interior with furniture or leave it empty, either way there’s plenty of space to move around in.

This model works well as (among other options) a dilapidated longhouse, a barn, the town hall of an impoverished community or, as it was originally intended, an infirmary of the plagued.

Wooden fencing set


Contained in this set are 2 uniquely modelled lengths of ramshackle wooden fencing and an openable gate (opening is 2” wide). These fences are put to great use in a village or farm, or any location where someone put up a utilitarian fence; likely to corale livestock or designate a boundary. Print out as many pieces as you like to create a compound as large as you need! The height of just over an inch makes these wooden fences scalable, but definitely an obstacle and also the source of some cover.


Ancient burial grounds


The Ancient Burial Grounds set includes six unique models of graves, grave markers and a massive tomb, all of which which one might find in an important and venerable grave site. Create a mysterious and spirit-haunted location for your next tabletop encounter with these intricate and atypical graves!

* Included in this set is the Ancient Tomb.

Aincent Tomb


The Ancient Tomb is a highly detailed model perfect as a central piece of a burial ground or as a great addition to any eerie tabletop locale where respects are paid to the ancestors. It’s large enough to provide cover for a number of units, and the bricked in area works great as an objective where holy relics might be cached.

The Crypt Entrance


The Wightwood Abbey Crypt Entrance is a great “entrance to” piece of terrain. It’s perfect as a destination objective and as a transition piece to another locale. This purchase includes two versions of the Crypt Entrance, a flat-backed version that can be placed up against a wall or other surface of your choice, and a version with an earthen mound behind it that can be used anywhere on your table top.

Funeral Pyre


The Wightwood Abbey Funeral Pyre is a large piece of terrain consisting of a massive slab of stone with a well constructed funeral pyre built on top of it. The model is big enough to provide a lot of cover and works well as an objective in a battle (as well as a great looking central piece in an important funereal event!)


Packige Deals

These bundels takes time to produce so have a bit of patience when ordering

Infirmary of the plauged


The Wightwood Abbey Infirmary of the Plagued includes the following pieces at a discounted bundle price:

With this bundle you can lay out the Infirmary of the Plagued as envisioned in the Wightwood Abbey lore (or as an infirmary of your own creation). Each individual model in the bundle can also be used on its own in any other scenario you imagine, and could be combined with any of our other models for unique configurations and battles.

Ancient Cemetery Bundle


This Ancient Cemetery Bundle contains the five graves of the Ancient Burial Grounds set, the large Ancient Tomb, the Crypt Entrance, the Funeral Pyre, the Lady Shannon, the Wightwood Marker Stone, and the Wooden Fencing set.
This comprehensive set is packed with all you need to create a comprehensive and detailed graveyard location for your tabletop games. Print as many graves as you need and design a fencing layout to suit your setup.


Medieval Farming Terrain Bundle


The Medieval Farming Terrain Bundle includes from our Wightwood Abbey collection:

Outfit your farmstead, village, bandit camp, monastery, druid lodge or any other rural community with these 4 quintessential elements of medieval animal husbandry. Each element of this set provides a unique type of cover or hiding place for your characters or skirmish squad, and movable elements such as the Porc Sty gates or Water Pump armature add a fun level of versatility. Hide an orc in the Porc Sty, take cover behind the fallen log of the Apiary or perch archers on the Chicken Coop walkway! Add realism and great creative aspects to your game board with this discounted bundle.

Wightwood Abbey Core Set


The Wightwood Abbey Core Set Bundle includes from our Wightwood Abbey collection:

  • Scriptorium

  • Abbot’s House

  • Gatehouse

  • Stables

  • Church

  • Surrounding Walls

With this bundle you can build the the entire abbey core set and lay it out on a 3′ x 3′ surface for epic tabletop battles.

Each individual model in the bundle can also be used on its own in any other scenario you imagine, and could be combined with any of our other models for unique configurations.

When puchasing this bundel iyou will get the walls for free.