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Alex Huntley and Warploque Miniatures has realy created a stunning game! This is my new favotitt whithout a dobth! Arcworld is a small , easy played and funny game with the most beutiful miniatyrs created by Alex Huntley himsef.
I recomend everyone to check this out.
The second edition of the game is just around the corner! I can hardley wait to see what else they got up their sleeve!

The miniatyrs

The races of the game spans from Wild Elves to Gremlins , from Undead Pirates to Dark Lords. From hardheaded Haflings to drunk Bayoruks and many more.
Beast like Dragons and Trolls 
Beutiful sculpterd and cast  mainly in resin.

Stories and background

The stories that are created aroud the game are so funny. To choose a name to a  caracter and give him a story and what great deeds he has done makes the holde game personal and more fun.

Demo games is possible if you live in the area of Ålesund.