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Finaly the 3 pice river set and the two

Tiny Magic

Tabletop Essentials

Handcrafted and 3D printed scenery for use in tabletop games , scenic display and collecting.

Welcome to the Tiny site!
Here you will find all you need for tabletopp gaming or if you just whant a nice display in your cabinet.
There will be lots of updates and new products in the comming weeks and months.
I dvelve first and formost in the fantasy genre but there will be coming sci-fi houses and scenery in a while. Perfekt for Warhammer 40K ,Star Wars or other  miniatyr sci-fi games.
Take a look around and let me know if the is anything i can help you with.


"The board is set - the pices are moving"

Gandalf the white




3D prints


Gaming mats


Infinite Dimensions

Infinite Dimensions  Games models is called Wightwood Abbey. Some of the truely most awsome models i have ever seen. Some are quite large and  consists of many parts. I am licensed to sell this models only painted! Custumers color wishes can be aplied.

Black Magic Pixels

The Elf city.

Urbanmatz 3D

Sci-fi , dessert houses, tanks, pipes ,fantasy castles ,crypts and more.
This is not yet released. More info is comming.


Opening Hours

Every day

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Tiny Magic is a one man shop so some products may take longer to get finished and delivered. I always try to stay on top of things and create the best products possible. If a costumer has wishes about colors or shapes do not hesitate to contact me.


"There are fouler things than orcs in the deep places of the world"

Gandalf the grey


The Metalhead and creator of Tiny Magic

At Wacken metal festival in Germany 2015.



The most awsome and funny skirmish game


Small things - big ideas


Returns and Refunds

It is very important to me that everyone is satisfied with the product so if you are not let me now so we can make arengements.


About Tiny Magic

My name is Espen and i live in Aalesund on the west coast of Norway. I live here with my wife and two children. Tiny Magic is actually the lovechild of my hobby. The hobby that has helped me through many rough paches in my life but has allways been there to sooth and calm me. To learn new things and techniques is truley funny and life enrichment. Within my 42 years of living i have found the importance of having this escape into another world is most importante to me. To let the imagination flow and shape itself in to new creations.

I was mesmerized with miniatyrs and tabletop games from an early age. I started with D&D  but when i stumbeld upon an add of Warhammer Fantasy Battles i was sold and have been ever since. That was in -95 and everyone had red spears! Dont know why but it rocks! I have put it away sevral times but it always comes back!

This time its a bit diferent because 

i have now desided that i will take it one step futher and make it a small business and have made an home office.

I hope you all enjoy my site , i know i am.



Big thanks  to the producers of Talisman board game -94 for setting me on this path that has led me here. It was the first dropp. To Tolkien, Frodo , Gandalf and the rest of the fellowship, we have an unbreakeble bond. To my wife and parents for support and funding. Also to b1tm4n for technical support and great faith in the projekt. And to all the people that put their toturial craft videos on youtube. Of Lukes Aps and Black Magic Craft i have learned so much! Thanks!